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Main Telephone: (702) 901-4233
Main Fax: (702) 946-0864
New Patient, Referral and MA: (702) 998-6520
Surgery Scheduling and Prior Approvals:
(702) 998-7629
Billing and Legal: (702) 998-7690

To schedule an appointment

Please contact our main office at (702) 901-4233. Our New Patient Coordinator , will assist you. Initial Appointments may require 30-60 minutes. Please bring any pertinent medical records, films (x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans) and current insurance information. Please arrange to bring us the actual films, and not just the written report. The doctor will want to review these films with you. If you are having difficulty retrieving your films or records, we are happy to help you do so.

Follow-up appointments are usually scheduled at the completion of your visit by our Established Patient Coordinator. If you are a patient who has had surgery, your post-operative follow-up visits will be scheduled by our Surgery Scheduler.


If you cannot keep an appointment, please inform us as soon as possible. This courtesy allows us to give time to another patient. There will be no charge for an appointment cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.

We make every effort to keep the office running on time but, due to the nature of our specialty, emergencies occasionally make it necessary to reschedule appointments. Should this happen, we appreciate your understanding.

Review our Financial Policy Acknowledgement Form

If you have any questions regarding a bill you have received from us, or any other insurance questions, please feel free to contact our billing department at (702) 901-4233.


If you have a neurosurgical emergency, please call our office immediately at (702) 901-4233 during office hours and off hours (702) 380-2451 to reach the doctor on call. We always have a physician on call, so our patients are assured quality care 7 days a week.


There are over 1,000 insurance companies in America and over 1,000 different insurance plans. These companies, plans, and medical groups are making changes all of the time. It is therefore almost impossible for our staff to know the covered benefits of each and every patient.

Our staff is happy to assist with your insurance billing, but we cannot bill your insurance unless you furnish us with all insurance information and bring your ID card with you to your appointment. In order for us to assist you as much as possible, please keep our staff updated with any changes of address, phone, and/or insurance information. We will make every effort to determine eligibility, covered benefits, and authorization requirements before seeing a patient or ordering a particular test or procedure. It is, however, ultimately the patient’s responsibility to know and understand policies and benefits of their insurance coverage.

Due to changes in today’s healthcare, your insurance may not always pay for all services. You will be responsible for paying any claims that are not covered by your insurance. If we are unable to verify a particular requirement of your insurance carrier, plan, or medical group, we will ask you to sign an “Informed Consent” notice before you see the doctor or have surgery. This document allows us to bill for any charges that your insurance company will not cover.

We will collect any co-pay due at the time of service or reschedule the appointment. For your convenience, we take cash or check as well as Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

If your insurance plan requires a physician referral authorization number, please bring that with you or have it called or faxed to us ahead of time. Failure to do so could result in rescheduling the appointment.

Save time before your next visit. Download forms before you arrive.

Please print the form below and bring them to your first visit.